Mr. Cesar Jung-Harada

With more than 17 years of professional experience in the technology space, Cesar have excelled in any given position or industry, from a developer all the way to architecting IT systems, becoming PMP certified, to building and managing sizable teams successfully.


He has solutions implementation experience in industries such as Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Telco, Retail Marketing, Enterprise CRM solutions and Insurance, all for industry leaders in their fields such as Johnson Electric, Dell, Panasonic, Carsem Semiconductors, TCC Global, AXA, and He has also received multiple awards both for individual and team contributions.


Besides project management and delivery, he enjoys developing and motivating people because team members are valuable assets. He works very well with people and teams of multi-ethnic background, respecting and acknowledging different viewpoints in a successful team. Throughout his endeavors, he worked well with business partners from any level and diverse cultures.


His passion is in the acquired skill in drones and making for environmental and social impact, with a current focus on marine conservation. He has built custom solutions for aerial videography, mapping and environment monitoring projects. He also actively shares and teaches on the subject. This leads him to the advocacy of Maker Culture and an active member of the Maker Community.