Mr. Taha Sabih

Taha Sabih is the CTO of Planto, a Hong Kong financial management app which helps millenials keep track of their finances and gives them financial advice on what to do with their money to achieve their goals.The app was launched in October last year and is being used by tens of thousands of users in Hong Kong. 


Taha came to Hong Kong in 2011 after his high school from Karachi, Pakistan. After studying engineering at HKU, he self-taught himself programming so he could enter the tech industry in Hong Kong at a time when startups in Hong Kong were few and most tech talent was absorbed by banks. He worked in an AR/VR company before ending up in a local fintech firm where he met two of his current co-founders. 


All three co-founders are young millenials who were also trying to figure out what they should be doing with their money. They all decided to leave their jobs and start Planto to make a platform which could solve this problem for themselves as well millions of other people like them.