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The International Symposium on STEM Education is a flagship programme of the HKU Academy for the Talented.  The four-day STEM symposium gives students a first-hand experience of the latest trends in technology, science and mathematics. Students are taught to consider issues from various perspectives and examine the connections between disciplines. The goal is to inspire participants to think across disciplines like artificial intelligence, financial technology, global health development, and design to tackle interconnected social problems and achieve “Innovation and Transformation for Better Living”. The symposium is also jointly organised by Microsoft Hong Kong Limited. 


Students work in groups to design a new concept, product, or service in response to a current issue of their choice. The event culminates in a group project presentation judged by academics and industry professionals. Participants will have a chance to receive scholarships offered by the Academy to attend programmes organized by the scheme or receive an internship opportunity at our partnered companies such as Alphamirai Hong Kong Limited and Snapask​.


Professor Ian Holliday

Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)


The University of Hong Kong

Mr. Timothy Ng

Executive Director, Operations & Entertainment


Ocean Park Hong Kong


Mr. Cesor Jung-Harada

Founder & Director

Makerbay Limited and Foundation

Dr. Michael Johnson

Honorary Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts

The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. Philip Yu

Assistant Dean (Taught Postgraduate Programs), Faculty of Science Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. Ryan Au Yeung

Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. T W Chim

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. John Tsz Hon Yuen

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Engineering

The University of Hong Kong 

Mr. Morris Wong

Technical Specialist

Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Professor Quentin Parker, FRAS, FASA

Associate Dean (Global), Faculty of Science

Director, Laboratory for Space Research
Member Academic Senate

The University of Hong Kong

Professor Samson Tse

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education) Director of Experiential Learning

Faculty of Social Sciences

The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. Timothy Wotherspoon

Lecturer, Factuly of Science 

The University of Hong Kong 


Ms. Karman Wong 

Head, Visitor Service,

M Plus Museum Limited

Mr. Siu Heng 

Managing Director,

Cultural Connections Consultancy 

Mr. Venant Chiang

Vice Chairman, Investment Committee

Smart City Consortium

Mr. Ken Chew

Senior Program Architect, Salesforce

Maker Evangelist

Marine Conservationist 


Mr. Joseph Chan 

Chair Judge


Program Lead of Entrepreneurship,

Design and Innovation 

Faculty of Business and Economics, 

The University of Hong Kong 

Mr. Angus Tong 

Account Technology Strategist, 

Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Senior Manager, StartmeupHK, 

Invest Hong Kong 

Head Department of Geography, 

The University of Hong Kong